Indonesian Lunch Series

Come join us for a casual and informative lunch series. Bring your friends to enjoy authentic Indonesian lunch, brought to you by our talented and highly experienced Indonesian chefs.

Lunch series is a concept where you come for a lunch with our food expert telling you briefly about the story and background of the Indonesian dish you are about to have.

Once you step into the venue, you will feel like you were in Indonesia, with the setting of the lunch venue and atmosphere designed to bring you the whole Indonesian experience.

Nasi Bali Set

Balinese Mixed Rice Platter Set &
Rice Pudding with Iced Coffee

Wednesday May 22nd, 2019
12.00 pm at The Holy Crab on Robson St.
Soto Betawi & Gado-Gado

Javanese Style Beef Broth Soup & Mixed Vegetables in Peanut Sauce

Thursday March 28th, 2019
11.45 am at Holy Crab on Robson St.



Indonesian Cooking Demonstration

Watch and learn from our highly talented, experienced, and friendly Indonesian chefs to cook popular Indonesian dishes. You will get to try the food as well and bring home our secret recipe !

Learn more about Indonesian coffee and its variety from our coffee connoisseur accompanied by Indonesian snacks that will make you crave for some more by the time the event has ended.


Beef Brisket Cooked in Indonesian Spices

July 2019
More details will follow


September 2019
More details will follow

Indonesian Cooking Workshop

Be an expert in Indonesian cuisine to impress your family and friends when you show off your ability to cook authentic Indonesian dishes after participating in our Cooking Workshop.

Indonesian dishes are generally harder and more complex to make as a lot of spices are involved. Our friendly and highly talented chefs will teach you step-by-step.


Beef Brisket Cooked in Indonesian Spices

October 2019
More details will follow